Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mean Green!

Playing around with some colors.  Fun stuff.  Hopefully soon I'll have some of these up for sale in the store.

So far things are good but I've had some air bubbles and I think it's because the resin is setting up too quickly.  This doesn't really give me time to get the pressure pot up to a high enough PSI to squeeze the bubbles out.  I just ordered some new resin that takes twice as long to set.  That should give me some better results.


  1. These are really fantastic!! I can't wait to put some paint on one. Thanks for bringing them to life for us.

  2. You have the pressure in the line waiting and then screw on your lid and release the pressure?

  3. Thanks Halfbad. That is so very cool to hear. I should have them up for sale soon.

    Idesigns, I hadn't thought of that. I'll give it a shot. Although I did order some more resin that cures a little slower so time shouldn't be a problem with the new stuff.