Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vert Tank Walker by Adam Pratt

Awesome custom vert walker by Adam Pratt.
Adam Pratt Art

"The Walker Variant of the Vert Tank was first produced by troops in the Tungascar Highlands.  Because of the extremely rocky terrain the Vert Tanks, with their tracks, were not mobile enough to allow the hussars to run patrols of the caves in this mountainous region.  A one Corporel Adoma Pratteun commandeered two reclaimed leg units from a destroyed Blighter Quad Tank and together with his mechanicus unit managed to get a prototype working in less than a week.  The prototype soon proved its value by providing heavy fire support to the mountain patrol units.  Currently there are two dozen or so vert walker variants in use in the region.  There is now talk of re-tooling a vert tank factorie to produce a vert walker from the ground up."  -  Praniscus Palkonik, 23rd regimental historian


  1. So awesome! This really made my morning, thank you Ted!

  2. Cool, Adam. I love writing up little fictional histories for these kinds of things. And sneaking my friend's names in :)

  3. @Ted, it really made my day. Thank you!
    @Jarrod, thanks man! I am really happy with how it came out as well.