Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Gencon 2013

I had an amazing time at Gencon.  We played a lot of Rivet Wars and got to see a lot of old friends and make some new friends as well.  Enjoy the pics!

The convention center.

GenCon 2013!

Food trucks outside.



Calm before the storm.

Jason and I prepare for 4 days of Rivet Wars! 

Me and Eric hanging out near the CMoN booth.

Sketch for Brian.

Thiago and Derek giving a demo.

The zeppelin.

The Rivet Wars diorama.

War! Rivet Wars!

The ostrich is down!

Death from above.

Machine Gun in position.

Jumping Rocket Bikes!


Jason helping people get in the fight.

Rivet Wars demo.

The battle has begun and there are tanks walking about!

Bo showing folks how to get in the fight!

Playing with Jeff and Paul. 

Two front war!

So many difficult and fun decisions to make.

I have a feeling those tanks are going to run into each other.

more minis.

Coolest kids jacket ever.


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